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    Grass-Fed beef. We do not use Steroids, Hormones or Antibiotics to make our cattle grow faster or fatter.

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    NO GMOs. We grow ALL our feeds - corn, hay and soybeans - from pure seeds.

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    Kessler Farm has been in continuous operation for more than 200 years.


Our Beef

We sell cage-free, completely grass fed organic beef. It's aged 14-21 days before it is flash frozen and ready for your freezer or table.  Buy it by the side, the quarter or as individual items.


Our Pork

We sell naturally raised pork by the side, by the bundle or as individual items, packed in 1 pound packages.  We make our own pork sausage and we smoke our own meats.


Specialty Products

We have a few items that you may not find at your local grocery store.  Looking for home made Pennsylvania Dutch-style scrapple or beef liver? We've got it & more.




All Natural, All Beef Pet Food

Experts agree that a meat-based diet is the best choice for healthy dogs & cats. That's why we make our own all-natural, all-beef pet foods.  It comes to you raw, unprocessed and uncooked.

  • Pet food sold frozen in 2 pound packages
  • Pet food includes beef trimmings, liver, tripe and other organ meat
  • Bones - small ones for small dogs and big ones for larger animals

Grass Fed or Grain Fed?

Red meat is incredibly nutritious and loaded with vitamins. Beef contains almost every nutrient humans need to survive. Why does it matter what the cow eats? Grass fed beef is healthier because it has:

  • Less total fat - fewer calories
  • 5x as much Omega 3 fatty acid - the good fat
  • More Potassium, Iron, Zinc, Phosphorus, Sodium & Vitamins A & E